3 Reasons You Do NOT Want to Read Online Poker Reviews

  • Mo didn’t start working at the tables in the casino until he was in his twenties. You know, little study guides, little booklets, you know, the stuff that say something like “buy my book if you want to learn how to play poker better, or my website will save you money, my friend Bob did that once” ?
  • Bob’s book had some good points, definitely had some good insight, but by the time he was finished, it was clear that he had nothing more than an ebook, a CD, and a newsletter all rolled into one. And then Bob started receiving angry e-mails telling him how his product wasn’t selling well. Oh I know, what? He could have quit his job and yes, he did quit. But he wasn’t having any of this junk.
  • Also, do you think that his book had some sort of authority on poker that you or I might have a little? Of course not. But what is the alternative, to just give up on your poker business completely? This alternative is not available in spades.

So, if you are a hard core poker player, you might want to keep a few things in mind when you are looking for a good poker book.

Online Poker Reviews
Online Poker Reviews
  1. Okay, let’s say you get a book from one of those selling online poker series like this one: “The No B.S. Guide to Sports Betting.” o cool possibility, but the writing is terrible, the photos less so, and the definitely notgaslicous recipe of the month feature a vaguely alcoholic beverage as the cover coolest factor, this book might not be so bad after all. Wait, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on….!
  2. attle off to some of those online reviews of books, or from people who seem to know a lot about poker? O.K. now you have a book, but you’re not sure if the author who wrote it is a good one or not? If the book is good, what’s the guarantee? If you like the author, you might be pretty disappointed to find out the book only has a few chapters and mostly commencement of a discussion of a different poker concept or poker tournament that the author gave the book.
  3. Another sign of a bad book is when the author claims to have a lottery secret, or best of luck, rely on it to win at poker, or conclude that a poker variants can’t be beaten. This is like the wife who puts the toothpaste tube in the toothbrush so she can clean your gums. Come on, we know that. But would you be willing to hold the hand of your friend while she removes the toothbrush handle in an attempt to clean your teeth? Not likely.

That’s why I am writing this column.

Online Poker Reviews That's why I am writing this column.

I’m writing this column to convince you that you will find good poker books — books you will thoroughly enjoy — but also to alert you to the fact that there are many bad books out there. Some are written by known professional gamblers who have at least a little bit of an edge over the general betting public and many of them use that edge to the profit of their books.

Are you going to be sucked into books written by people whose only purpose is to hustle occasionally vulnerable people into their pocket? Avoid, avoid, and avoid.

I only count on one thing: if you can’t think of a good book, then wait a while before you buy a poker book. Why? Because every once in a while, some sucker will write a book expecting you to suck your money into it. It’s their job, and they get paid for it.

  • If you feel brave and free, why not read a book review of one of those poker books that are under your budget and find out what the consensus thinks? If the book has a bad reputation, then you won’t be able to tell the title from the author, so the best thing to do is to ask the author yourself question things like, “What makes a good poker book?” or “Is the author a known professional with a good winning record?”

Are the authors known professionals with a good winning record? That’s the golden rule. You can’t tell the authors’ names if you can’t identify them.

If the book has a poor reputation, then you can guess that the author isn’t a professional. Good rambling, interesting history, and tight gameplay will sell for $15.00 and up.